Scale Recruitment by Automating Stuff.

Supercharge your ATS, CRM or HRIS by engaging 1,000s of existing and new candidates via their favourite communication channel in seconds. And automate the boring stuff that keeps your recruiters busy all day.

Add our plug-and-play automation engine to supercharge your favourite ATS, CRM or HRIS

Supercharge your ATS, CRM, or HRIS


Create and customize your recruitment workflows to ensure a smooth transition from one hiring stage to the next, improving efficiency and candidate experience.

Intuitive builder

Set up automations in minutes, even if you're not technical. We designed our builder to be as easy to use as possible.

Templates & playbooks

Our industry-specific templates help you to learn from what we've learnt over the past few years.

Two-way integration

We've done the heavy lifting for you. No need for huge investments. The integration with your core app is included.

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Multi-Channel Communication


Manage all your recruitment conversations in one place. We support email, postcards, LinkedIn, and WhatsApp for seamless interaction with your stakeholders.

Your app's audiences

Select and sync any audience - e.g. candidates, employees, or hiring managers - directly from your core app.

Listeners & scheduling

Automate by listening to activities within your core app or scheduling your automations: one-time vs. recurring.

Activity logging

Make sure your core app is 100% up-to-date all the time by logging activities and automatically updating items and fields.

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Automate Boring Stuff


Save time by accelerating and streamlining your processes with our robust automation, minimizing manual tasks and enabling you to focus on decision-making and strategic tasks.

Automated communication

Engage with 1,000s of existing and new candidates at scale through their favourite communication channel.

Enrichment & profiling

Tag and score your audiences on autopilot to increase your data's value boosting your recruitment's effectiveness.

Database management

Forget about updating items and fields. We'll make sure your core app's database is 100% up-to-date.

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Work With Any Data


Accelerate and streamline your hiring process with our robust automation, minimizing manual tasks and enabling you to focus on decision-making and strategic tasks.

Your app's variables

We've made sure you can use your core app's variables seamlessly within your automations in HireData.

Personalisation at scale

Communication needs to at least feel personal. Make it happen by personalisation based on variables.

Maximising response

Every step of the delivery process of our communication channels is designed for maximising response rates.

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Measure and improve the experience of your candidates, employees, hiring managers, and recruiters with our industry-specific survey templates.


Candidate or Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) can be used to understand and improve any touch point in your experiences.


Net Promoter Score (NPS) is the ultimate growth indicator, and can be used to focus your organisation on excellence.

Verified templates

Make use of our out-of-the-box survey templates that are verified by industry experts.

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Experience and Journey Management


Leverage our comprehensive, data-driven reports to gain valuable insights into your hiring process, helping you to make informed decisions and continually improve your recruitment strategy.

Journey management

Identify, measure, and improve make-or-brake moments within your candidate, employee and hiring manager journey.

Prebuilt dashboards

Use our pre-made or custom dashboards and reports to easily analyze data from your core app and HireData.

Improve every day

Analyse your data and zoom in on areas for improvement so you can scale recruitment by improving every day.

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Multi-Channel Communication


Enrich, segment and profile the most important people in your database thanks to the two-way integration with your core app.

Candidates, employees, and hiring managers

Segment your database into different types of profiles and apply the automations applicable to each audience.

Identifying promoters

Identify promoters and detractors by measuring Net Promoter Score (NPS) on autopilot in each step of your process.


Enrich your database's profiles by adding metrics: CSAT, NPS, engagement score, sentiment, and reviews.

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Boost Your Employer Brand


Generate and publish pages for candidates, jobs, recruiters, and reviews to boost your employer brand and become more successful by leveraging your recruiters' networks.


Automatically generate candidate pages that can be updated by candidates themselves, and shared with hiring managers.


Automatically generate shareable pages for your job openings that are fully optimised to get more applicants.

Amplify your recruiters with social proof

All pages are enriched with social proof in the form of verified reviews. Each recruiter can use their own page for sharing.

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Reputation Management


Boost your employer brand by publishing your company profile on HireData, and benefit from our integration with Indeed, Glassdoor, and Google to manage your reputation.

Manage your reputation

Protect your employer brand by controling negative word-of-mouth, and highlighting positive reviews.

Trusted source & transparency score

Reviews collected through trusted sources and companies being (more) transparent are favoured by our algorithms.

Indeed, Glassdoor & Google

Only direct promoters to socials, ensuring protection of your employer brand on these external platforms.

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Industry Benchmarking

Awards & Certifications

Participate in our annual awards to prove your company, locations, or recruiters are the best in the industry. And get officially certified for excellence.


Compare your company, locations, and recruiters with market performance based on verified reviews.


Get certified by achieving the annual threshold, and prove you're prioritising quality within your organisation.

Brands, locations & recruiters

Participate as a brand, location, or individual recruiter and earn your award(s) on each level.

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Maximising value in every plan.

Our plans have a 7-day free trial and can be canceled monthly.

It's all about human touch.

Your team will have so much time to focus on activities where they can bring more value, like human interaction and networking. Since you've automated other stuff with HireData, maintaining the human touch.

Chosen by top recruitment experts

Our software is chosen by industry visionaries for its perfect blend of intuitive simplicity and robust features. We're committed to ensuring you're always at the forefront of recruitment excellence.

    • HireData stands out in terms of user-friendliness, reporting, integrations, and industry knowledge. We're excited about the insights and improvements this partnership brings.

      HeadFirst Group
    • Partnership with HireData led to valuable insights in needs and wishes of professionals, customers and suppliers, and a drastically improved NPS.

      Circle8 Total Talent Flow
    • HireData's insightful surveys and in-depth reports, complete with benchmarking, are instrumental in our daily advancements. Their tools not only enlighten us with data but also guide our continual growth and success.

    • With HireData, a significant portion of our recruitment process is seamlessly automated, particularly the collection of exit feedback. This has transformed how we gather and analyze crucial data, enabling us to continuously improve.

    • HireData offers a true partnership. With them, measuring Net Promoter Score (NPS) and managing the employer brand for our RPO customers has become an effortless, automated process.

      EN HR Solutions
    • HireData's automation and multi-channel communication platform helps make us more efficient. But it's not just about efficiency; it's about transforming how we connect with candidates and streamline our operations.


Ready to start improving?

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